Iyun Redmark

Dragonborn Paladin of Kord


Large black dragonborn with acid breath. Stands 6’8" tall and is 320lbs. Adorned in Platemail and wielding his god’s favored weapon, the greatsword, he welcomes the challenge awaiting in Haven.

Iyun Redmark

Male Dragonborn Avenging Paladin (Divine Defender)
27 HP 11 Surges @ 7HP
Initiative +0 Speed 5
AC 18 Fort 15 Ref 11 Will 13
Per 13 Ins 17


Dragonborn Senses


Free Action

Action Point (1)

Minor Action

Divine Challenge
Lay on Hands
Dragon Breath
Divine Mettle
Divine Strength

Standard Actions:

Melee Basic Attack
Ranged Basic Attack
Ardent Strike
Holy Strike
Fearsome Smite
Second Wind
Blood of the Mighty

Skills and Abilities


Acrobatics -2
Arcana 0
Athletics 2
Bluff 2
Diplomacy 2
Dungeoneer 2
Endurance -1
Heal 7
History 2
Insight 7
Intimidate 4
Nature 2
Perception 3
Religion 5
Stealth -2
Streetwise 7
Thievery -2

Ability Scores

Str 18 +4
Con 12 +1
Dex 11 +0
Int 10 +0
Wis 14 +2
Cha 15 +2


_Raised as an outcast, Iyun began his life as a rural bandit stealing and plundering from caravans from the capital city to the border area’s of the kingdom. In one of these riads, he was bested by a Human Paladin of Kord and arrested. Imprisoned, Iyun reflected on his life, and it’s future possiblities, if any. One day the Paladin, named Olaen, came to visit Iyun. He told Iyun that the knights of Kord were needed in an upcoming battle between the kingdoms. Olaen was impressed with Iyun’s prowess in battle with him a season earlier, and since the death of his previous squire, in exchange for his freedom, if Iyun could spend the campaign as Olaen’s squire, he would be a free man once again. Iyun agreed, only if the Knight would show him the ways of his own strength and the strength of Kord.

After two seasons of attrition like combat, Olaen was struck down, and Iyun recovered the body of his mentor, and traveled to the coastal town of Northport, to the great mauseleum of Kord, and interred his master there. The high cleric, seeing Iyun’s character and honor, released him of his obligation to Olaen, and offered him to become a paladin of Kord. Iyun trained for another year with a master of arms at the academy of Kord, learning to wield the weapon of Kord, the greatsword.

Upon his graduation, Iyun was assigned to an attachment of Kord disciples, headed across the sea to the new settlement of Haven.

Among his Kord contingent, a cleric of Kord, Petyr Knobelsen, and the dwarven invoker Mardek Foehammer. _

Iyun Redmark

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