Mardrek Foehammer

Dwarven Invoker of Kord


Tentative History: Along with his 2 other brothers of Kord, Iyun the Dragonborn Paladin and Petyr the Battle Cleric, he has come to the new world to stake out new territory for a temple of Kord in the new world, as a part of that process to make sure that Haven can be prosperous enough to support a new temple.

Mardek was found dwarven monks/priests of Kord travling on a high mountain cliff. The very spot where he was laying was charred as if lightening had struck there and the smell of ozone was still in the air. Mardek had an uncanny ability to tap directly into the divine powers and his talents were recognized early and fostered by the monastery after they took him in on that stormy night. He was sort of a member of the monastery, but yet he was his own entity. He respected their ways and traditions and they respected his journey into realizing his ability to tap into raw divine power.

or something like that….

Mardrek Foehammer

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