“The realm is expanding. A new settlement, Haven, has been founded on the southern tip of a largely unexplored landmass, of relatively unknown size. Founded originally as a pirate hideout, the town has been growing steadily, and is now recognized as a focal point of the new Monarchy’s plans, due to its location as a central hub of oceanic trade routes. Large numbers of settlers and explorers are being sent to the area in an effort to bolster the surrounding area, and explore these new lands. You’ve been told that the ruling council there is made up of lesser royalty from back home, and a few local pirate (former?) captains who were some of the original founders. With a desire to both fortify Haven, and expand their influence in the surrounding areas, the ruling family has included you among the latest batch of settlers. (You insert the why!) Ans so, you find yourselves on a ship sailing off to begin your new life in Haven. As the ship pulls into dock, you and a handful of others depart the ship, and are greeted by a lone member of the town council…….”


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